Stubby Holders

CDI-N43 -- Stitched Only.

CDI-N41 Pull-over Water Bottle Holder - 750ml with Clip or Belt Strap & Clip
CDI-N41 -- plus Clip & Belt

CDI-N41 & CDI-N43
Pull-over Water Bottle Holder - 600ml/750ml with Clip or Belt Strap & Clip or Stitched Only.

The "Pull-Over" water bottle holder ensures a snug fit for all size bottles - a great product for sporting, drink and health related promotions.

Available in various sizes either with clip only (CDI-N41), clip and belt strap (CDI-N41) or stitched only (CDI-N43).

Screen Printed or Full Colour.

Quality 5mm neoprene in 22 colour options.

Screen Print Area - 165mm Wide x 160mm High